organic kampoeng chicken

The Ayam Kampung NATURAL POULTRY is the chicken breed originally from Indonesia, raised by returning to their own natural habits and behavior. Their food made from materials which contains non chemical fertilizers as well as other types of chemicals. The Ayam Kampung NATURAL POULTRY were fed with lactobacillus (probiotic) and drink Indonesian natural herbs drink that we know as JAMU, to substitute antibiotics and hormones.

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Probio chicken

NATURAL POULTRY Chickens are from Indonesia (Indonesian breed Chicken) are grown organically and fed with lactobacillus (probiotic) which cultivated by our experts. NATURAL POULTRY chickens also take JAMU (Indonesian natural herbs drink) that contains of natural antioxidants in lieu of antioxidant drugs and fat hormones. We called NATURAL POULTRY the first healthier chickens in Indonesia, low fat with high protein. It will be taste good even without fried or any seasoning.

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