About Company & The Product

A Glance of History

Back at 2001, PT Essicipta Lestari has launched probiotic for agrobusiness. Probiotic can be translate as Pro, means unilaterally or take side to; and Biotic, means living creature. Therefore, Probiotic Microorganism can be define as Microscopic Organisms that support the growth and healthiness of any living creatures. Thus probiotic have the ability of enhanching the quality life of living organisms as well as the quality of the food they produce. The Probiotic named TUMBUH®, which means Grow.

By 2004, Essicipta Lestari PT have been selling the Probio Chicken, the product of chicken meat with the involvement of Probiotic in the husbandry system. The company start to sell them in limited quantity at a single outlet of one of an Exclusive Supermarket. Come to surprises, the demand is growing even without a simple publications. It came up to 10 times by 2007.

Petani Saluyu: Our Cooperation with Farmers, Cisarua Bogor

By 2007, The President Director of Essicipta Lestari sold the company’s part of this organic healthy food to PT. Jeshly-Mitra Probiotik Organik Indonesia, under the name of PRONIC. With this new & complete management, the company hopes that the product of PRONIC with it’s wide range could be handled well enough, more professional, to achieve the company vision & mission.

Since 2008, the management and shareholders of the Company change the name into PT. Pronic Indonesia, to make it simpler. With a strong focus on giving the best quality and healthiest product to growing customers, Pronic simultaneously implementing the Probiotic & Herbal enhance technology upon lot of farmers.


To give every people the opportunity to get the best & healthiest food for them & their family.


Implement Probiotic – Organic (PRONIC) System in every aspect of food source living organisms to achieve healthy foods, so efficient to produce the more affordable vigorous gourmet to everyone, especially in Indonesia.


Organic Food plus Probiotic
The Right Way for Ultimate Healthiness


The Expert

I Putu Kompiang, PhD: The Probiotic Scientist

Dadang PhD: Organic Farming Scientist

Ir. Hendi Hermawan: Probiotic Herbal Expert

Ir. Christopher E. Jayanata: Probiotic & Organic Business Management


•  Ir. Christopher Emille Jayanata
•  Sri Rahayu Widajati, SH
•  Dr. Ir. Dadang MSc.
•  Ir. Hendi Hermawan 
•  Marlina
•  Janny Lim
•  Lim Tjun Ijoeng


President Commissioner:


•  Dr. Ir. Dadang MSc
•  Sri Rahayu Widajati, SH


President Director : 

Ir. Christopher Emille Jayanata